Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Video (konyol) Kesenian yang Membawaku pada Ketenaran (sesaat)

Hi guys! Today, may I share u my silly but funny video?  yes?? oh, thank u!
firstly, u need to know that this vid gave me fame among the SHS students in Jember. Ok, maybe not all the students! haha :D
In this vid, u'll find a lot of silly things, and it's no hard to find, u'll just find it easily :p

here we go, watch it first!


Have u watched? hhaha! I know u're laughing! don't  lie, guys! was it the railroad? the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai part? the weird ending? there anything else makes u laugh??
last night when I was setting up my folder, I found this vid accidentally. I made it 3 years ago to fulfill my art class exam. my teacher told us (per group) to make a video about friendship by using songs, and we had to change the lyrics but with the same tone. no matter how big the video resolution was, the techniques/skills we had or how good/bad our voices were. the important thing was our creativities! our will to make something different. the others just made their video without any scenario, most of them just played guitar and sang together! no bad, but we wanted something more, to attract people :)

well, then we made it! this vid was taken at Kalisat and Jumerto, near my friend's-in a group-house! and it took 2 days! because we had a week to make it, but only 3 days off to gather. so, actually, the idea came out at the time we made the vid! spontaneously!

buuutt unfortunately, the day we could show off the vid (in front of the class) never comes. It was a matter of time, we should do our semester test the next day. ahh, what a bad managing time! and our art teacher (just) asked for the soft copy. just it.

one day, when my JHS friends (Triyas and Lisa) stopped by my house, I showed off the vid to them. and they wanted the copy. because they thought that's funny vid. I gave it.

I didn't know what they (Triyas and Lisa) did after I gave the vid. the only thing I knew my friends from other schools started to ask me about the vid. SMA 2, SMA 3, SMA 4, even SMAK St. Paulus did! they asked me about cinematography! Which I didn't know at all. haha.

Well, I know-this-my video is not that great. but at least I can amuse the people around me, right, guys? And do u know something that is really ironic? almost-my friends in my school have no idea about the vid! except my group and some close friends, of course :p

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