Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

My Very First LOMO Cameras

O.K. after waiting for a long long looong time just to have things I really love, Lomo cameras-I'm pretty sure u guys know how they look-like this:
they're cute right? do you guys have no ideas what they are?
they're AQUAPIX type. manual-I mean they don't need batteries. and they use 35 mm film. according to the name, I can take picture underwater with them up to 3 meters. they are made from plastic and they have waterproof casing. I  bought the yellow and the zebra for about 120K (@60K) from and I just needed to wait for 2 days, 1 day actually-because the first day Mr. Delivery came, there were no people in dorm. so, he returned the next day. It's OK :D
I love them, because they are unique, cheap, and fun! It's challenging when you take pictures with them and have no idea how it will look, how the results. by the way, haha I haven't had any experience of taking picture with them, because I haven't bought the film yet. sorry. you know guys, it was not easy to find photography store which sells roll film-for now-in Jakarta. rare stuff.
So, I decided to buy online, again! from and now I am waiting for them to come, maybe tomorrow :) people said that most photos which are taken by Aquapix have old effect, ummm vintage. I love something old, something vintage.
So, guys, wish me to get the film as soon as possible, then hanging around with them and show you the result.
Gud nite :)

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