Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

you are my kids

I never thought that I would have friends from other countries. for example these my friends who are from philiphine. I never expected before that I will make a good relation with them. however, here we are. although our nationality, language and character are different, we could understand each other and be able to make this friendship good .Photobucket

first time we met in the dormitory which is located in Istanbul. actually I was afraid to communicate with them but I tried to start saying "Hello" to therm. however, they were unlike  what I though before. they are so kind, polite, nice. I;m happy to know them. they are younger than me but they have taught me a lot thing. Photobucket
 and here they are :D

little bit quiet, *dinci* , more dilligent than other (peace royce, jawhar, sajid), little bit serious and little bit naughty :D
Hamid. he is the closed one to me. where ever I was he always followed me :)) milkysmile
till my friends said that he is my little brother.
we've spend a lot of time in the istanbul. watching movie, playing computer game, reading quran, etc. Photobucket

2. Royce
genius, hard-working, ambitious, strange (peace), skillful.
he is so smart, sometimes I asked him to teach me turkish. he is so active and have a lot of knowledge that I don't know.
that picture was being captured when he was trying "javanes clothes". who a curious person he is. :))
*royce, you are a STRANGE and INTERESTING boy" :)Photobucket

3. Sajid
*sajid pusa :D
how I must describe that talkative, naughty, funny and crazy boy? Photobucket
he liked making a joke around the class. in the class he always talked making the class so crowded. however,  the class would be boring if there was no him. Photobucket

if there was no him when we were invited someone strange, I would die because I didn't know what I must said to them (turkish people).

4. Jawhar
the smallest, cutest, baby-faced boy.Photobucket
however, he is the unpredictable kid with a secret hidden behind his baby-faced. Photobucket
we shared each other about *his someone*. how he was he feeling, and bla bla.
I was surprised and never expected that he has ever had *sensor*.milkysmile
*don't cry kid :)

now, we have been separated. and now I'm missing them all. that's why  I wrote about them. however, I don't know how I must write. How I must express that I'm missing them. there are lot of words in my head but I can't tell it all.

this all that I can do. I always pray for them. I wish I can meet them again.

*hamid, royce, jawhar and sajid, you are good friends. now, I'm missing you all, my kid. take care there :)) Photobucket

*before i left them Photobucket

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